First Page Google Results £75

First Page Google positions for £75

Most SEO Companies require you to enter into a 12 month contract when taking up their SEO service. These legally binding contracts tie you into paying a fixed monthly fee which is taken from your Bank account each month whether you are happy or not with the service being provided.

I have heard of horror stories of people paying £10,000 over a 12 month period with very little to show for it in the end..

Try me out before committing yourself long term.

I charge a startup fee of £75 to begin the first months SEO work.

Then you pay NO MORE until your website is first page Google for your targeted keyword/s.

Once your keyword/s are first page Google I charge another £75 and then £75 a month thereafter as a maintenance fee for keeping them there.

If at anytime you no longer want to carry on paying the monthly fee you can stop and I will stop maintaining the results I have achieved.

The way it works out is that you only pay me if you are happy with the SEO results I have achieved and if you want me to maintain them.

Simple !

No Contract to sign.
No Direct Debit to setup.
Only pay again if happy with results.

Try me out with no commitment:

or call: 07522 312 284